Identity Theft Awareness
Defend yourself with knowledge, awareness, and detection.
Book the real Danny Lents to speak to your group about identity theft.

Identity Theft Speaker
  The real Danny Lents Identity Theft Speaker  

Identity Theft Seminar

  • What is identity theft?
  • What are the warning signs?
  • How does it happen?
  • What preventive measures can you take?
  • How do you stop your identity thief?
Identity theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime in America. Millions of Americans become victims each year. Identity thieves attack businesses and people of all ages and incomes.

Knowledge is our best defense.

Speaker Bio

The real Danny Lents, a 20-year Army veteran, is a computer engineer in his professional life. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a masters degree in Computer Engineering.

He became a victim of identity theft in 2001. His thief spent $16,000 in thirty days! Danny has devoted countless hours of research to protect himself and is passionate about helping others to avoid becoming the next identity theft victim. He is often sought by local and national media for his identity theft expertise.

Danny has presented identity theft seminars to numerous groups around the country, made multiple television appearances, testified before a Texas Senate committee, and started to provide others with the knowledge to avoid, detect, and react to an identity theft attack.

"Thank you for your fascinating presentation on Identity Theft. The information was timely and will be very helpful in protecting our customers and ourselves!" — Broadway National Bank

"Thank you for a great presentation. You are obviously well-versed and intensely involved in helping others from becoming identity theft victims" — Lone Star NCMS, Chapter 29

"Your insight was important and had a positive influence in the passage of HB545..." - Texas State Senator Zaffirini

"I want to thank you for your very excellent presentation on Identity Theft. It was provocative, informative and scary." - Hospitality Club

"Thank you so much for an excellent and timely class. All who attended had praise for your delivery and subject matter." - OASIS
phone: (210) 387-0875
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